Speech Evaluations and Screenings

By Say What - May 22, 2018

Speech Evaluations

Evaluations are conducted in order to determine an individual's strengths and weaknesses in the areas of speech, language, oral-motor, and/or social skills.  The assessment includes a parent interview, review of previous records including health, developmental milestones, prior assessments (if available), formal standardized measures, informal observations, play-based assessment, and behavioral observations.

Based on the needs and concerns of the individual being assessed, the evaluation will include:

  • Articulation- speech sound production
  • Voice- vocal quality, vocal use and abuse
  • Fluency- stuttering, cluttering, normal dysfluencies
  • Language- receptive (understanding), expressive (expression), and social skills/pragmatic (use of language)
  • Dysphagia and Feeding- swallowing function, oral motor skills, and oral sensory awareness
  • A comprehensive evaluation will include an evaluation in all areas of communication, formal or informal. 
  • A limited evaluation will only include a specific area of concern (i.e. speech sound production).

After the evaluation, a written report will be provided with a summary of the results and recommendations for treatment.   

Speech Screenings

A screening is a brief look at an individual to determine if a further, in-depth evaluation is recommended.  

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